The Origin of PromoGumby

  • Sep 2, 2020


The Origin of PromoGumby

The story begins in 2011.

Following an extreme slowdown in our business due to the Great Recession in 2011, our 21st anniversary was approaching, yet we were in no mood to celebrate.  Until we came upon a promotion that sparked our flame. 

His name was “PromoGumby.”

PromoGumby sparks an idea-Promotional Incentives

PromoGumby first arrived in a flyer sent to our industry from the Nick Croce Company offering use of its beloved 50+ year iconic Claymation character, wearing a logo branded T-shirt. 

Like a spark that lights a campfire, this little green guy reignited our passion for the promotional business, and reminded us that as hard as we work, this should be a fun business for us, as well.  Co-owner Jack Costa immediately recognized the potential and confidently described his vision, “We need this guy; and on the back of his T-shirt we will feature words that describe us, as well as him: 'Creative, Flexible & Going Green'." 


PromoGumby back of shirt design-Promotional Incentives

PromoGumby comes alive.

This was the beginning of our PromoGumby campaign; a four-part eblast with each of the first three designed as a teaser campaign to announce Promotional Incentives’ new spokes-character.

The first eblast showed an enlargement of one of Gumby’s eyes.

 PromoGumby enlarged eye-Promotional Incentives

The second, featured an exaggeration of his waving hand with the headline, “Give a hand to our new spokes-character…” 

PromoGumby oversized hand-Promotional Incentives

The third email outlined the shape of the top of Gumby’s head with the headline, “The shape of things to come. ”

PromoGumby oversized head with promotional message-Promotional Incentives

And the final email, “Here's the Full Gumby,” played on the Broadway Show and movie, Full Monty


PromoGumby standing with arms out-Promotional Incentives

A successful and fun guessing game.

PromoGumby introduction for 21st anniversary flyer-Promotional Incentives

With each email, we engaged customers and prospects by asking them to guess who PromoGumby was pictured with;  and each guess was entered into random drawings for several fun prizes, including a Bose Bluetooth speaker, headset, Coleman Cooler, and of course, the star of the show, PromoGumby. 

This successful campaign re-engaged our customers...and ourselves. With a renewed sense of purpose, we proceeded with a fun, more humorous approach to our often challenging business. 

PromoGumby, the world traveler.

romoGumby in Russia-Promotional Incentives

PromoGumby in Russia 

As the economy picked up, our business grew.  PromoGumby, which began as a promotional item, has evolved into a long-term strategy to promote Promotional Incentives.  Clients, friends, and family began taking PromoGumby on adventures throughout the world, and posting photos of this happy spokesperson at famous landmarks. PromoGumby is pictured here in Russia, and at the famous Daytona 500.

PromoGumby at Daytona 500-Promotional Incentives

PromoGumby at the famous Dayton 500

Currently we are building “Where in the World is…” and “Celebrity Encounters with…” pages for our website and social media outlets. 

Torey Lovullo red sox baseball player with PromoGumby-Promotional Incentives

 PromoGumby with Torey Lovullo, Red Sox Baseball Player

Other significant indications this promotional product caught the attention of many, included Promotional Incentives being honored with several awards for this campaign from The Lee Building Industry Association (BIA) Pinnacle & Summit awards for Best Promotional Item, and two awards from Florida Public Relations Association of SWFL for Best Specialty Item in Printed Tools of Public Relations. 

FPRA Image award for PromoGumby Promotional Incentives

PromoGumby receiving Summit award at LEE BIA - Promotional Incentives

Nine years later, PromoGumby continues to prove how effective promotional items are to engage people, get attention, and provide opportunities for lasting PR and marketing impact.   

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