The Future of PPE Products

  • Jul 27, 2020

Our new normal now includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and is rapidly growing among our society. With the CDC recommending wearing face coverings in public settings and increased use of wipes and hand sanitizer, it makes sense that companies want to provide these items to their customers and employees, while also getting exposure for their brands.

In fact, ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) reports that six of the top 10 search terms were tied to PPE or related health-protecting items in June. Terms for face coverings, hand sanitizer and no touch tools all appeared in the top 10. Since it looks like PPE is remaining with us for a while, now seems like a good time to explore this booming promotional product category.


What’s Next for Face Coverings

face shield

Face masks are a necessity, yet they have also created new challenges since Coronavirus began impacting the way people interact. Individuals with hearing impairments experience even more difficulty when mouths are covered. In response you are starting to see face coverings with clear panels and increased use of face shields in public settings.

Reusable Mouth Visible Protective Clear Face Mask

This solid color reusable and washable lip reading face mask is made of cotton with a transparent PET window. With this design, others can see your lips when you speak.  It features a metal strip sewn in for nose fitting. Hang it on your ears, and defend your face against UV, germs, dust, fog and sunlight when outdoors. 8" L x 5" W.

Contact me for more info, 239.549.2555.


clear mouth face mask



Reusable Masks

Since disposable masks are not recyclable or biodegradable, some people are turning to reusable masks. This item is becoming easier to obtain as we navigate through this pandemic. BIC Graphic NA launched an imprinted, reusable mask in July that helps people keep their faces covered while getting brand impressions. The Reusable Face Mask is available in six different fashion colors with up to 4-color imprint.

reusable face mask


Multi Functional Cooling Dry Cloth

A great gift for anyone to use as a cooling towel, a neck gaiter, or a headband. Or, snap it together for a face cover. Evaporates moisture and keeps germs at bay. Contact me for more info,




Anti-Microbial Pens

The Ultima™ Safety-Pro Stylus Gel Pen features an antimicrobial treatment+ providing a long-lasting defense against bacteria. Pen features a Softex™ finish with a touchscreen stylus on the pen top. Black Gel-Glide™ ink writes as smooth as silk. Transform this into a gift for your clients after signing documents. 

Anti microbial pens


Minimal Touch with More Style

We’ve all seen the brass no contact tools that are effective and handy for opening doors, carrying bags and more while helping to mitigate direct contact with public surfaces. The next generation of these new essentials include easy ways to clip the tool onto a keyring, bag or belt loop. They also come in well-designed shapes and colors with imprint areas that get brands noticed.

The No Contact Key Tool is lightweight but made of a hardened plastic material that easily opens doors and carries various weight loads. The Touchless Tool with Stylus takes it a step further with a soft stylus, allowing you to use touch screens hands-free, while the hook is perfect for holding doors, with an optional carabiner.


touchless tool with stylus 


Popular Drinkware

Even with COVID-19, more traditional giveaways, employee gifts, and merchandise are still effective promotions to get brands noticed.  As always, the most popular promotional products, whether it be PPE or otherwise, tend to be useful and attractive, with imprinted logos.  For example, appareldrinkware and coolers



aluminum water bottles

Companies are realizing PPE may be around for the general public for quite some time. According to the Washington Post, sports teams, entertainment companies, apparel brands and even political campaigns are inquiring about PPE that can be imprinted with their logos or slogans. What can we design for you?

For more than 30 years, we have provided gifts, incentives, and promotional items to hundreds of clients, helping them to lift others up, increase morale, recognize milestones, increase efficiency and now with PPE Products, we've found more ways to keep you safe and healthy.  Visit to check out all the products that will help you get ready to tackle what’s next for PPE and promotional products. 

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