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  • Oct 11, 2023


Social responsibility has been a hot topic for a while. As more and more corporations contemplate if they should participate in this movement, there are a lot of factors to consider. One factor is what will be included in the overall social responsibility strategy.

A give-back program is something all organizations should include in their decision-making process. It’s a way companies can connect and relate to their communities and show how they live their core values. But why else do you need a give-back program? Let’s talk about some of those reasons.


1. Benefits of a give-back program:

A give-back program can improve a company's image. Many customers today participate in community outreach programs that help those in need, and they’re looking for ways to participate in more throughout their day-to-day responsibilities. By showing that you value the community around you, you can earn respect and loyalty. Additionally, a company that has a give-back plan is more likely to attract talent that shares its values and philosophy. By demonstrating that you genuinely care about more than just profit, you can attract individuals who care about their rate of contribution to society.



Finally, giving back is a way to make a difference. A good community does not develop merely by individuals achieving their goals. There needs to be cooperation among members to endorse a shared vision. By giving back, your company contributes to the larger goal of building a better community.


Enhanced Image: A give-back program can improve a company's reputation and earn the respect and loyalty of customers who value community involvement.

Talent Attraction: Companies with a give-back plan are more likely to attract employees who share their values, creating a more aligned and motivated workforce.

Making a Difference: Contributing to the community helps build a better society and fosters cooperation among members toward a shared vision.


2. Why companies need a give-back program:

Often, businesses forget that they can contribute more than their products or services. They have the resources that can bring positive change like money, time, or expertise. By pooling these resources, the company becomes a powerful force in the community.


By contributing to the community, an organization’s strengths, values, and objectives are shared with the community around them. It demonstrates that the company is aware of the challenges facing the community and is committed to working with others to address them. A company that is compassionate to the community demonstrates that they care and are interested in doing more than just turning a profit. It helps to develop a connection between customers and the company while also positively impacting the company’s brand and reputation.


Leveraging Resources: Companies possess resources like money, time, and expertise that can drive positive change in their communities when combined effectively.

Demonstrating Care: Give-back programs show that a company is not solely profit-driven but is aware of community challenges and committed to working with others to address them.

Building Customer Connection: Being seen as sympathetic to the community helps develop a deeper connection between customers and the company.


3. Examples of give-back programs:

Many well-known companies have active give-back programs. For example, Google offers several ways to donate money to charity. Microsoft emphasizes volunteer work and donates to a wide variety of organizations. Procter & Gamble focuses on sustainability and works with other companies to make the world a better place. In each case, these companies have identified their strengths and values and used those to make meaningful contributions to the communities they serve.


But you don’t need to be a billion-dollar organization to participate in socially responsible activities. Organizations such as Bombas, Tentree, and The Tote Project are three great examples of smaller organizations built around making a difference.


In our own industry, Crystal D launched their Crystal D Cares give-back program. Giving back has been part of the corporate culture over the company’s 30-year history, and in just the past 15 years, they have volunteered in their community over 6,000 hours, adopted 60 families at Christmas to provide gifts and a meal, and donated thousands of dollars to a local food shelf, among many other charitable and volunteer ventures. Because of this long-standing value the company has held, the Crystal D Cares give-back program officially launched October 1, 2023.



The launch of this program coincides with the launch of a new award gallery: the Legacy Gallery. Awards purchased from this gallery will have a portion of the proceeds donated to organizations that were near to founder Chuck Dahlgren’s heart. Chuck always said, “The ultimate purpose of life is to give,” and Crystal D’s new program allows the company to carry on Chuck’s legacy while donating to worthy causes.


By establishing a give-back program, an organization demonstrates that they understand their core values, objectives, and their power to make change happen inside and outside their company!

Credit: Crystal D

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